Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cheese In The Trap

Rating: 7/10
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Watch the drama here
Main Cast: Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Sung Kyung

Summary in a sentence:
A guy with hidden motives opens up when he meets a girl he likes.

I felt that the storyline was a little messy, especially the flashbacks. The cast was great though, although I don't think the two main leads had chemistry. I couldn't really understand the personalities of the characters properly, so I guess that's because of the messy flashbacks and such. I didn't like the title of the drama, that's for sure. Perhaps it's a metaphor but I'd rather the title be something else.

I did like that this drama showed how Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) stands up for herself when caught in different situations, which seems practical enough. The boyfriend, Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin) was pretty mysterious though. The drama started out showing that he seemed to be causing a lot of things to happen to his friends, which we later find out (until the later part of the drama) that they weren't exactly true. It just seemed like a messy script to me.

(Left to right) Top: Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Go Eun, Park Hae Jin
Bottom: Lee Sung Kyung, Park Min Ji, Seo Kang Joon

The ending was kind of a slight cliffhanger? Not exactly a cliffhanger, but we didn't exactly see them reuniting, so I guess you can consider that as a cliffhanger. Yoo Jung opening Hong Seol's email seemed like a chance of them being reunited. Apparently the webtoon (that this drama was based on) wasn't completed when the last episode was being filmed, so they created their own ending. I don't have much complains for it I guess.

I've watched a one of Seo Kang Joon's drama, 'Cunning Single Lady', and I didn't really liked his acting, so I'm not exactly his fan. But I would say that in this drama, he acted quite well and I did enjoy his scenes as Baek In Ho! I do like Lee Sung Kyung so that was why I watched this drama. Her character, Baek In Ha, was quite crazy and I didn't like that the scriptwriter really made her character quite crazy, although she fit that role pretty well. I mean, a little crazy is fine, but as the story progress, her personality should change at least slightly.

On the whole, the drama was pretty touch and go style, I couldn't really understand in depth as some scenes were messy. I won't be watching it again, because it just wasn't as captivating enough. Nevertheless, I don't regret watching it. 

Descendants Of The Sun

Rating: 10/10
Watch the trailer here
Watch the drama here
Main Cast: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Ko, Kim Ji Won, Jin Goo

Summary in a sentence:
A special forces captain and a doctor fall in love and overcome obstacles together.

Big hit! It wasn't cliché like usual Korean dramas, and the storyline was really good. Song Joong Ki fits his character Captain Yoo Si Jin so so well (maybe cause he just came out from the army), and he had great chemistry with the entire cast. I love the other leads as well, although I did wished that Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, played by Song Hye Ko, would have been played by another actress. No denial that Song Hye Ko is a good actress and had chemistry with Song Joong Ki though. Just felt that maybe another actress would have played the role better? Perhaps Ku Hye Sun?

I was really surprised by Song Joong Ki's acting. This is the first time I'm watching a Song Joong Ki drama. Honestly, I had no idea he could act so well? I started watching this drama because it was Song Joong Ki's first drama after being released from the army, so I wanted to support him. The drama was already at the fourth episode (before it became such a big hit) when I started watching it, and I totally fell in love right away. For me, although the plot and the cast were great, I liked the lines that the characters had the most. I really loved the witty and non-cliché lines, because they weren't lines like in usual Korean dramas, but rather lines that had rationality and showed how reality is.

(Left to right) Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Ko, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won

The main couple, Captain Yoo Si Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, was of course the most exciting to watch, but I preferred the second couple, Sergeant Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) and Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Ju (Kim Ji Won), more. I would say that it's a personal preference, because I do like the idea of the couple knowing that they were meant for each other, and they both still loved each other even though they didn't had to say it out. It was really bittersweet to watch the second couple. I do love independent women so I'm so so glad that this drama showed not just one, but two strong and independent women who are good at what they do and do what they can to their best abilities without complaining. 

I would say that the ending was a little disappointing, because Captain Yoo Si Jin and Sergeant Seo Dae Young came back from the 'dead' without much explanation. There was an explanation that they were captured etc, but I felt that the drama could had elaborated a little more regarding the kidnap. That would be my only disappointment. My prediction was actually that Angus didn't die, and he kidnapped them, but if that happened, it would have been a little messy. So I guess that them being kidnapped by some random group, and their North Korean friend coming to save them was the best idea there was.

This drama actually made me longed for an army boyfriend, but I guess it's more of longing for either Captain Yoo Si Jin or Sergeant Seo Dae Young to be my boyfriend. It was pretty funny to find out a lot of boys actually watched this drama, like my brother, who doesn't watch Korean dramas. Not one person whom I talked to about this drama complained about it, in fact, everyone loved it and wished it wouldn't have stopped at 16 episodes. I can't decide if I love this drama more than 'My Love From Another Star' or 'Kill Me Heal Me', but I would say that I really did love watching this drama a lot. The entire cast was amazing, not just the four leads. I believe this drama would probably be the best and most talked about drama for a long time, till another drama beats it, though I'm really wondering what future drama can win this drama's huge popularity.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Madame Antonie

Rating: 5/10
Watch the trailer here
Watch the drama here
Main Cast: Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, Jeong Jin Woon 

Summary in a sentence:
A psychotherapist tries to prove his study that women fall in love with rich men in their mid 30s by secretly conducting a study on a fortune teller.

It sounds rather interesting and I did like the initial episodes where they were trying to help other patients, but when the drama's focus started to shift towards Choi Soo Hyun's (Sung Joon) study, that was when the drama went downhill for me. It was just ridiculous at some points, and I just thought that the whole drama was basically messy.

I don't think Sung Joon is a good actor. He basically has zero chemistry with Han Ye Seul's character, Go Hye Rim. And I don't understand why Han Ye Seul did this drama after 'Birth Of A Beauty'. She should have acted in better dramas. The only reason why I started watching this drama was because of her, and I just felt so disappointed because she's so talented but this drama didn't do her justice.

(Left to right) Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon

How the two leads ended up together again in episode 15 was just the dumbest of dumbest ending I have ever seen out of the many Korean dramas I've watched. It's just so stupid that it makes me feel so stupid for even watching this drama. Go Hye Rim just runs back to Choi Soo Hyun knowing that he's living a horrible life trying to deal with her leaving and also his relationship with his mother? Then she helps him get his life back on track again? What? I mean, even through the drama, she knew he was conducting a test on her, and she confronted him a few times, but she still dates him and says she loves him. It doesn't even make any sense. Their love line just seemed so fake because of this study thing, where he try to play her, and she also trying to play him back.

Then, the other weird love line was Choi Seung Chan (Jeong Jin Woon) and Doctor Bae Mi Ran (Jang Mi Hee). It was weird because it just doesn't make sense also? She's probably his mother's age, but she likes him and tries to keep hanging out with him, and gets troubled if he doesn't talk to her. It's just so weird? And it's like I can't even ship them together because he doesn't even like her as a women, but rather a mentor. It's just weird.

If they took out Choi Soo Hyun's study that was conducted on Go Hye Rim, and changed it with them teaming up to help others solve their problems just like in the first few episodes, I definitely would have liked this drama better. Or maybe, just change the actor. I don't know. I'm just surprised I actually finished watching this drama.

Moorim School

Rating: 8/10
Watch the trailer here
Watch the drama here
Main Cast: Lee Hyun Woo, Lee Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji, Jung Yoo Jin

Summary in a sentence:
A hidden world with a mystery behind the Chintamani, which led to the rise of two groups, where one fights to protect Moorim School and the Chintamani with their lives, while the other, called the Juk Poong, schemes to gain possession of the Chintamani.

The ratings were supposedly bad for this drama and some people didn't like it, which I don't understand why, because I did enjoy watching this drama. I wasn't hesitant at all to start this drama after reading the plot on Wikipedia because firstly, the plot sounded like it was a teenager type drama, and secondly (also most importantly), there were quite a lot of foreigners acting in it, like Sam Okyere and Daniel Lindemann from Abnormal Summit, and Shannon Williams from Hidden Singer.

(Left to right) Lee Hong Bin, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hyun Woo, and Jung Yoo Jin

I don't think Lee Hong Bin can act well unfortunately. His character is kind of lame and very very childish honestly. He keeps trying to get the girl, and although she already established a relationship with Yoon Shi Yoo, he still remains so childish trying to get her. Also, in one of the ending scenes where Wang Chi Ang (Lee Hong Bin) and his dad were 'fighting' with regards to the Chintamani seemed pretty stupid. Asking his father to choose between him or the Chintamani was fine, but I just don't understand why he had to fall off the cliff to make his father decide. It's not like his father could do martial arts or had some power within him that could save Wang Chi Ang from free-falling. Well done scriptwriter.

I loved the scenes where the characters reconciled with each other, like the scene where the original Chintamnai keeper, Chae Yoon (Shin Sung Woo) came to save his friend, Hwang Moo Sung (Shin Hyun Joon), the original dean of Moorim School, from the Juk Poong. And also Yoon Shi Woo and Hwang Seon Ah realising they're siblings, and them reconciling with their birth father, Chae Yoon. I'm glad that the characters all displayed so much brotherhood in those scenes. 

If the cast was better, like in Dream High, I'm pretty confident that this drama would have gotten good reviews. I enjoyed watching the leads mastering their powers, though it was weird to see the other cast members becoming so good during the Moorim Competition. I do love a show that shows great synergy between the characters, so it was great to see them uniting to fight against the bad side. This drama really showed what brotherhood is about - believing in the good of each other, and protecting the people you love.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Yong Pal

Rating: 8/10
Watch the trailer here
Watch the drama here
Main Cast: Joo Won, Kim Tae Hee, Chae Jung An, Jo Hyun Jae

Summary in a sentence:
A doctor who treats patients illegally gets caught in a fight between siblings. 

It's relatively interesting I would say, because the plot wasn't something common. Although I previously said that I don't like medical dramas (I still don't, and I still cover those operation scenes while reading off subtitles), I did enjoy seeing Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won) in action. I was slightly amused by the gangsters and the policemen in the drama as they made the situation felt less tense.

I did not like the ending that's for sure. Yes, everything did ended well, but honestly everything was so rushed. The last few episodes definitely kept me on tip-toes. And I actually second guess my initial prediction (that she would live), because during the last ten minutes in the last episode, I honestly thought she would die in the end because the scene where Kim Tae Hyun and Han Seo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) sat on the grass patch at Windy Hill painted a goodbye picture for me.

(Left to right) Kim Tae Hee, Joo Won

I felt it was a little sad that Han Yeo Jin was trapped in that coma for more than half of the drama. Well, of course the coma thing played a huge role in this drama, but I just felt it was a waste of Kim Tae Hee's talent. She faints so so realistically in episode 16, and her acting was seriously the best. I can't think of any other actress that can replace her as Han Yeo Jin, as compared to Joo Won, who I felt didn't exactly suited the role of Kim Tae Hyun.

A part of me was slightly disturbed by not knowing Han Yeo Jin's true personality. Honestly speaking, I don't know Han Yeo Jin's character well enough. It's just a little under-developed. I would have appreciated if they had explained her character more. I didn't like to keep thinking that she's just a more confident version of her brother. Also, there were some portions that didn't made sense to me, like how did the leads even fell in love with each other when Han Yeo Jin was in a coma, and they barely spoke before Kim Tae Hyun saved her? And I didn't understand why he had to leave her in the 16th episode.

Everything could had be finished in 16 episodes. Just because the drama was popular, doesn't mean they should extend it. Because of that, the scriptwriters had to think of more problems. I don't agree on that move for this drama, because all I really wanted to see was her escaping from the coma and winning her brother, not seeing her employees scheme against her and cause her to get liver cancer and face possible death. Nevertheless, the last two episodes were still pretty exciting to watch because there were just so much happening.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Korea: Day 12, 13, and 14

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Day 12: Nampodong, BIFF Square, Jalgachi Market, Gamcheon Culture Village, Taejongdae

Busan offered a lot of food options for us, and it was refreshing as a whole. I wouldn't say shopping is the best, or the place itself. It's just like Pasir Ris - good enough for the neighbourhood, but isn't the best. We visited the main chunk of stuffs on this day, because they were relatively near each other, with the exception of Taejongdae, which was far off, but we still had time for it! I'm not sure if we visited BIFF Square, but I think we did, and it was nothing, except food stalls after food stalls. That was basically all we saw. Jalgachi Market was a little disappointing for me because we didn't see any shops that we could enter to eat, it was just like a seafood market. 

Street filled with food stalls
All the food stalls, which I think is similar to Gwangjang Market
We ate at these stalls instead
We are deokbokki (spicy rice cake) and odeng (fish cake)
Dried fish~

We headed to Gamcheon Culture Village, which was a must go when you're in Busan! The houses were so colourful, and it was pretty crowded there! The bus that we were supposed to board was so crowded, so we ended up cabbing into the place, which was cheap because we were near the place. The downside of this was that it's on a hill, so you start from the top, and walk all the way down, and when you're down, you don't know how to leave the place. Thankfully we saw a bus that heads for Busan Station, so we boarded it. Our original plan was to head back to the hostel and figured out where we could go, but we decided that since it was going to Busan Station, and we could take another bus from Busan Station to Taejongdae, we should head to Taejongdae before calling it a day!

Entrace of Gamcheon Culture Village
So so colourful~ #noedit
Really love this view!
Inside the bus bounded for Busan Station~
Entrance of Taejongdae!

At Taejongdae, you'll see a ticket counter selling tram tickets. I suggest not buying the tickets and walk instead! The walk was really worth it! I loved seeing the scenery and being able to stop to take countless pictures! Head down to the main portion of Taejongdae, where you can get close to the sea! There are 2 stops you'll take while walking! When you reach the lighthouse, head down towards the sea (the climb back up is so tiring, but it was totally worth it). After that, don't continue walking the same direction, but u-turn and walk back to the entrance! Taejongdae is actually a circle, and after the lighthouse, there isn't much to see already! The lighthouse is the main attraction! I suggest heading there at 4/5pm! Because you'll see the sunset, and that's the best thing ever. Seeing the sunset was the best best BEST! For dinner, we ate at a samgyupsal stall below our hostel, and bought ice cream at the convenience store!

On route to the lighthouse~
Reached the lighthouse!
Walked down the million steps
Photo opportunity!!
Sitting by the edges of the rocks was honestly scary, but everyone was doing it so..
This was the ultimate reward for heading to Taejongdae - seeing the sunset. It was so so beautiful, and I never seen anything so majestic and gorgeous before..

End of Day 12~

Directions to:
1. Nampodong
Alight at Nampo Station Line 1 Exit 7.

2. BIFF Square
Alight at Jalgachi Station Line 1 Exit 7.

 3.  Jalgachi Market
Alight at Jalgachi Station Line 1 Exit 10.
Entrance of the market

4. Gamcheon Culture Village
Alight at Toseong Station Line 1. After walking a few steps, take a right turn, then walk straight till you see Busan Hospital Cancer Centre on the right. Take bus 2 or 22 and alight at Gamcheon Elemetary School. Or, take a cab from the bus stop.

The bus stop is in front of this building!
You'll see this at the bus stop! It's the map of the cultural village.
Follow the sign!
Entrance of the village!

5. Taejongdae
Alight at Busan Station Line 1 and take bus 88 or 101.
We took bus 17 from the bottom of Gamcheon Culture Village to Busan Station
Bus stop/terminal outside Taejongdae!

Day 13: Centum City, Nampodong

Sort of our last day in Korea, since we're flying off the next day. We visited Centum City in hopes of ice-skating in the mall, which we were so so disappointed, because firstly, it was a fake ice-skating rink, secondly, it was so terribly small, and lastly, only kids were ice-skating there. Oh goodness, it was so bad. We just ended up walking around, and tried heading to the cinema to see if we could watch anything but nothing nice was showing. I would recommend you NOT to go to Centum City because there was no point honestly. Orginally, we didn't wanted to head to Taejongdae the day before, because if we did, we won't have anything to do on this day, which turned out to be true! We had nothing to do, except going to shopping malls, like Centum City and Nampodong.

After a while, we decided to visit the Lotte Mart at Nampodong because there were a lot of food we wanted to buy back! And also because we wanted to pack them into our luggage before we zipped them up and head for Seoul the next day. Wow, disappointment after disappointment. Lotte Marts are closed on Sundays. WOW. Who knew man... But because of me, now you will know, and you won't head to a Lotte Mart on a Sunday. I'm not sure if it's a Korea wide thing, or just Busan! But just head's up!

We had our dinner at the same samgyupsal shop we ate at the night before. That night we went a little crazy as well. We wanted ice cream but the convenience stall was close (is it a Sunday thing?), so we decided to venture out and see what we can find at night around our hostel. We crossed this main road, which we almost got ourselves killed (the car was totally honking at us) but we totally laughed it off and it was such an adventure. To my defence, I honestly thought at that moment it was safe to cross, because the car seemed far away, but because it was a main road (about 4 lanes), by the time we reached the last lane, the car was about 200m from us? Lesson learnt obviously, because when we came back, we took a safe route back. We eventually found a convenient stall and filled our tummies with delicious ice-cream.

Outside Nampodong! Such a busy street...

End of Day 13~

Directions to:

1. Centum City
Alight at Centum City Station Line 2.

Day 14: Lotte Mart, Arrival in Singapore

We were hoping to take the 9:30am KTX ride back to Seoul, same as the day we came to Busan, but unfortunately, that day was a public holiday for the locals (or something along the lines of a holiday), so Busan Station was crowded and we couldn't get a seat back to Seoul. We waited for an hour or so, and caught the 10:20am ride back to Seoul, which made us reached Seoul at 1pm, which was an hour behind the original planned time! So we had to rush to Lotte Mart, then quickly rush to the airport to catch our flight back to Singapore! 

We met Baik Lim at Seoul Station, then she brought us to Lotte Mart and recommended stuffs for us to buy back. We took some pictures, then quickly headed to the Airport Express Line to catch the non-stop ride back to the airport! We almost missed the train ride on the express line. I said earlier in my Korea 101 post that for the airport express line, there are fixed timings for the trains to leave Seoul Station and the airport respectively, so if you missed it, you will have to wait for the next train. 

At the airport, we quickly checked in, which was really fast, and we went to do tax refund! The tax refund can take awhile, so do give yourself a lot of allowance before your flight! After we did tax refund, we thought we had enough time, so we decided to use the money we received from tax refund to buy StarbucksWe were about 2 people away from the cashier, so we were counting our money to see what we could purchase at Starbucks. At that moment, I glanced at my watch and calculated how much time we had before our boarding gate closes, and I realised we only had 15mins left. It was CRAZY. We literally left Starbucks and rushed to find the train that would bring us to our gate, and after we alighted from the train, we ran to our gate. The staffs were telling us run faster. It was so hectic. Really thank God for watching over us and providing us with enough time for this day to head back to Seoul and to catch our flight. 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Korea: Day 10 and 11

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Day 10: Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwangjang Market, Hangang Park, Bau Dog House, Hongik University Festival

Last day in Seoul! Although we were bittersweet, we still enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! Long day ahead, so we started early. Headed to Cheonggyecheon Stream first! Really love the idea of this stream being in the middle of the buildings! It's like Singapore River beside Raffles Place. We walked for quite distance and reached Gwangjang Market just in time for lunch, as planned. I honestly thought there would be a wide selection of food, but the food stalls were more or less selling the same food! Cold noodles, mandu, seafood, kimbap, pancake... I ate a bowl of mandu (which I didn't like), and Felicia ate cold noodles! One mandu is really filling. The lady gave me about 6 mandu? I really died trying to eat 3 of them. Felicia ate one for me, and we didn't finish it (obviously). Regretted not eating at another stall...

Iconic cone shaped thing - look for this to find the stream!
Time to begin this walk~
The front part of the stream was decorated really nicely!
Stopping for an instagram worth photo~
Mini waterfall
Gwangjang Market
The very filling mandu T_T
Other food stalls at Gwangjang Market~

After Gwangjang Market, we headed to Hangang Park, which I really love! It was so peaceful and I love seeing the river. We had fun cycling around and relaxing along the park! It was a 10mins walk from the subway exit to the bicycle rental shop, and there weren't any signs to show where the rental shop is located at. We asked around and the locals directed us to the shop!

Walk towards the direction of this building and you'll find the bicycle rental shop!
Soaked our feets in this mini pool~
Trynna get a good shot but.. failed.
I wish we could get closer to the river, but it's not the beach, so we couldn't..

We headed to Bau House Dog Cafe after Hangang Park, which is the bomb!! Yes, as you know, we love animals. So heading to a dog cafe was a no brainer for us! We were looking forward to this day! Eat Your Kimchi recommended this on their blog, so we headed there! We were pretty lost originally, because Bau House Dog Cafe moved, from an alley inside Hapjeong, to near Hapjeong Station itself, which Eat Your Kimchi didn't state on their blog! So we were lost (but we saw Gentle Monsters, which was pretty chic looking on the outside) and decided to just head to Hapjeong Station and get our dinner at the Samgyupsal shop at the exit of Hepjeong Station! Just nice, right before we reached the station entrance, I saw the mini sign board that said "Bau House Dog Cafe" and we entered the cafe!

If you buy the dog food, the dogs WILL come to you
The corgi was super super cute
He kept doing this :')
Bet they're so used to cameras

At Bau House Dog Cafe, I met my friend, Yini. I previously knew that she was in Korea, and we were trying to set a time/day to meet, but we couldn't find a suitable time, so we just decided that it's okay not to meet! But I was so surprised to see her and her friend, Jia Wei, at the dog cafe! After playing with the dogs for awhile, we headed to eat Samgyupsal together. Not only that, we headed to Hongik University Music Festival together, and we visited their Airbnb apartment, which was quite near to where we were staying! It was great to meet some Singaporean friends in Korea!

Grilling in progress~
Girl Group Rainbow was performing when we reached!
We couldn't head down to the tents because you had to register and the queue was really long...
Saying our goodbyes to Jaeho, the owner of UWA Guesthouse!
Left our picture on the wall at the hostel as a parting gift~

End of Day 10~

Directions to:
1. Cheonggyecheon Stream
Alight at City Hall Station Line 1/2 Exit 4. Walk straight and you'll see the cone-shaped thing!
View right after you exit
Spot the cone-shaped thing!

2. Gwangjang Market 
Alight at Jongno-5-ga Station Line 1 Exit 8. Or, if you're coming from Cheonggyecheon Stream, walk all the way straight till you see the sign that says exit for Gwangjang Market! The sign is in Korean, so if you don't know how to read hangeul, see the pictures below. 

Walk along Cheonggyecheon Stream till you see this bridge
The signboard says "Gwangjang Market Jongno-5-ga Station"
The bridge says "majeongyo"

3. Hangang Park
Alight at Yeouinaru Station Line 5.

The ahjummas are ready to attack you with chicken flyers #beprepared

4. Bau Dog House
Alight at Hapjeong Station Line 2 Exit 3. Turn right to an alley. Its on the first level of a blac building, before 7-Eleven. 

Turn right into this alley
Walk down a few steps, the entrance is behind the car on the right
You'll see this sign!

Day 11: Arrival in Busan, Gwangalli Beach

Started our day early! Checkout of UWA Guesthouse, our home for the past 10 days, we headed to Seoul Station to take the KTX! We bought the 9:30am ticket bounded for Busan, which costs 55,900 won per ticket, which I honestly think is quite expensive, but it is the most efficient way to head to Busan! We arrived at Busan Station at 12:15pm. I would suggest you give yourself 3.5 hours to travel from Seoul to Busan via KTX, just in case you can't catch the train timing that you originally wanted!
Inside KTX!

Arrived at Busan~
Heavy bags T_T

We took a cab to our hostel because our bags were really heavy, although our hostel was just a stone's throw (okay maybe 50 stone's throw away) from Busan Station. The staff at Popcorn Hostel Busan Station greeted us really excitedly, and he was so so amazed that we could carry the luggage because they were THAT heavy (when I checked it in the airport, it weighed 29kg). He showed us some places we could visit in Busan, and we talked for quite some time, before we checked in and left! Oh and we played witht the owner's doggie for awhile too hehe!!

Inside the hostel~
A lot of paintings on the walls
PENNY!!!!! I miss you so much Penny <3

We headed out to have our lunch first. We walked down and saw a Samgyetang (ginseng chicken) shop and went in! It was a traditional Korean shop (we didn't need to take off our shoes, but we sat on the floor), so the menu was all in Korean, but we knew we wanted to eat samgyetang so we just ordered 1 bowl of it! The ahjussi and ahjumma of the shop were really kind to us! After the meal, we took the subway to Gwangalli beach. It was honestly so so refreshing to see the beach. You can't see any beach in Seoul, so Busan was really refreshing in that sense. We took a lot of photos (of course), and walked to the right end of the beach, where the kayaking shop was located at!

Inside a traditional shop!
Sun's out! Camera's out!
Gwangalli Ocean Sports Center, where you can rent a kayak, and do other water sports!
Motor boat 15,000 won per person, banana boat 15,000 won per person, jet boat 25,000 won per person, kayak 20,000 won for 1 person boat and 30,000 won for 2 people boat, air surfing 20,000 won per person, rafting boat 40,000 won per boat, SUP 30,000 won per person, windsurfing 40,000 won per person and 70,000 won per lesson

We decided not to kayak in the end because the wind was blowing and the ocean seemed kinda dangerous to be kayaking in! We walked back to the middle portion of the beach, and soaked our feet! I collected some shells back to give to my friends as a souvenir, which I honestly think it's a good gift because no shell is the same, it's from Busan's beach, and you can't buy it! We went to sit at one of the cafes along Gwangalli beach, waiting for night time to come, so we could see the lighted up bridge! It didn't disappoint. It was so beautiful (and a little chilly) at night! Following that, we cabbed back to the hostel, because the walk from the subway station to the beach was relatively long and we were a little tired. We ate dinner at a fried chicken shop below our hostel, which was super tasty!!

Soaking our feet~
Beautiful view of the bridge!
Our dinner yum!

End of Day 11~

Directions to:
1. Busan via KTX
Alight at Seoul Station Line 1/4. Purchase a ticket at the KTX counter.

2. Busan via bus
Alight at Express Bus Terminal Station Line 3/7/9, and purchase a bus ticket bounded for Busan

2. Popcorn Hostel Busan Station
Choryang Station Line 1 Exit 3. Opposite the station you'll see shophouses. The one with the yellow painted walls at level 2 is Popcorn Hostel Busan Station.
3. Gwangalli Beach
Alight at Gwangan Station Line 2 Exit 3/5. Follow the signs to Gwangalli beach, about 15-20mins walk.

Follow the pavements!

Cross the zebra-crossing
You're reaching soon!

For the full detailed journal about those places and very thorough directions (includes pictures and maps) to the places that I visited, you can read them here:
Day 1: Arrival in Seoul, Hongdae, and Day 2: Lotte World, Edae
Day 3: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Samcheongdong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Insadong, N Seoul Tower, Hongdae
Day 4Chinatown, Fairytale Village, Bupyeong Underground Shopping Centre, Hapjeong, Hongdae, and Day 5: You Are Here Cafe, Edae, Hongdae, Dongdaemun
Day 6: Hongdae (Stylenanda and Free Market), Myeongdong, and Day 7: Everland
Day 8: Anseong Farmland, Gangnam, Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Centre, and Day 9: Edae, Dongdaemun, Myeongdong
Day 10: Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwangjang Market, Hangang Park, Bau Dog House, Hongik University Festival, and Day 11: Arrival in Busan, Gwangalli Beach
Day 12: Nampodong, BIFF Square, Jalgachi Market, Gamcheon Culture Village, TaejongdaeDay 13: Centum City, Nampodong, and Day 14: Lotte Mart, Arrival in Singapore